Hurricanes & Rainbows

16. Brazil. Gay. Pokémon and RuPaul Drag Race Fan :3

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When you say something smart and people are shocked


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It is so nice to be friends with people who understand me and have the same type of problems that I have and don’t judge me by the things that I like <3


a gay man portraying a straight man forcing a bisexual actress playing a lesbian to focus on a hot dude’s dick


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goddess of love take me to your leader

So I have this birthday party to attend Satturday and WHY IN THE HELL HAS IT TO BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STATE? WHY DO I HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOME TO SEE PEOPLE THAT I DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT KNEW ME? i don’t wanna travel again I just got home this sunday and I wanna sleep and ugh please 

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